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Movement of people in and out of the Gaza Strip takes place through the  Beit Hanoun (known to Israelis as Erez) crossing with Israel, and the Rafah  crossing ...


Gaza Strip: the Delusion of the Israeli Disengagement

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49 facts about Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip

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A firefighting plane passes over a fire started by a balloon with attached  burning cloth launched

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A ceasefire called on Saturday by Hamas, which governs Gaza, continues to  be met (MEE/Mohammed Asad)

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Before the new ruling Palestinians in the Netherlands had the option to  list their birthplace as

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Violent Clashes in Gaza Strip Kill 4, Wound Hundreds – Authorities

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... in the Gaza Strip. Currently, construction of the Wall continues at a  feverish pace as additional areas of Palestinian land are appropriated on a  daily ...
In gaza strip, deaths become part of daily life. . Palestinians run for cover from tear gas during clashes with israeli security forces near the border between israel and the gaza strip.. Gaza strip map2.svg. Gaza electricity infographic. . 9 questions about israel-gaza you were too embarrassed to ask. Israel bans entry of fuel and gas into besieged gaza strip. Hamas and fatah sign deal over control of gaza strip. … gaza dead palestinian children lie in a freezer after an israeli airstrike sunday on a residential home …. Palestinian children fasten a flag near fishing boats as they join the call for an end. A palestinian woman and her child look out of the window of their shelter in deir al-balah refugee camp in the central gaza strip, july 29, 2016 [reuters]. Palestinians erect symbolic graves of the siege’s victims in gaza. (photo via twitter). Gaza strip banner.jpg. An israeli tank parks in position overlooking the gaza strip on december 25,. Palestinian killed as israel fires back after rocket attack from gaza. Palestinians sell fish at the fras market in gaza city on january 21, 2018.. Gaza economy in crisis: world bank report warns that it’s in ‘free fall’. The gaza strip and the jericho area are delineated on map no.. . Two palestinians killed by israeli fire in gaza strip: ministry. Gaza war. A guide to the gaza strip. Repeated bombing campaigns by the israeli defense force have left the palestinians’ gaza strip in. . Palestinian islamist group hamas elects yahya sinwar as new gaza strip leader. Newweaponscommitte8. 1 and map no.. Power plant in the central gaza strip.. A demonstrator holds a sign reading ‘leave’ during a gaza strip protest against mahmoud. … july 20, 2010, palestinians work to recycle cement at a factory that does not receive raw materials from israel, east of jebaliya, gaza strip.. Egypt allows mecca-bound palestinians to exit besieged gaza strip. Middle east near you. Hamas says ceasefire reached after israeli air strikes on gaza strip. . Geological map of gaza strip.. … for cover from teargas fired by israeli soldiers during a protest on the beach at the border with israel near beit lahiya, northern gaza strip, on sept.. Different palestinian groups have struggled to share power effectively, and this week palestinian leaders met. Dozens of neglected animals evacuated from gaza strip zoo. . . Palestinian protesters run for cover from israeli tear-gas grenades along the israeli-gaza border in khan younis, central gaza strip, april 6, 2018.. An israeli strike over gaza city. (ap photo / hatem moussa). Two palestinian teens killed by israeli forces in gaza. World bank report warns gaza strip economy is in ‘free fall’ | asia news | china daily. The jabalia refugee camp in the northern gaza strip goes dark during a power outage july 2. (wissam nassar for the washington post). Palestinian protesters wave their national flag and gesture during a demonstration commemorating land day near the. Israeli air raids kill three palestinians in gaza strip. Dozens of palestinians were killed in protests at an israeli border fence in the gaza strip. As humanitarian crisis deepens, us refuses to say there are civilians in gaza. Protesters run when burn tires near the fence of the gaza strip border with israel during. Palestinians gathering near the remains of a building that was completely destroyed by an israeli air. Israeli military carries out air strikes on gaza. Palestinians on the israeli border near gaza city face tear gas fired by israeli forces to disperse them during the latest hamas-initiated ‘march of return’ …. Back to top. Hamas and the mass protests in gaza. Palestine – palestinian territories of gaza strip and the west bank – nations online project. Deadly violence for 2nd week on gaza-israel border. (𝗣𝗗𝗙) palestinian refugees in the west bank and the gaza strip. Palestinians bury 7 killed in latest flare-up in gaza strip. Qatar distributes funds to 94,000 families in besieged gaza strip. The impoverished gaza strip, where palestinian prime minister rami hamdallah will visit next week, has suffered from severe electricity shortages. Israel reopens goods crossing into gaza strip after calm in clashes. Location map of gaza strip.. Water level map of gaza strip(pwa, 2014).. Life in the gaza strip — a cauldron of deficit, despair and desperation. Israeli forces fire tear gas at unarmed palestinians as they took part in the great march. Gaza news, gaza strip, palestine, palestine news, palestinian news, israel,. … the funeral of palestinian boy nassir al-mosabeh, 12, who was killed at the israel-gaza border fence, in khan younis in the southern gaza strip on sept.. … an israeli soldier is seen after his brigade pulled out of the gaza strip and returned. The water crisis in the gaza strip: prospects for resolution | request pdf. Palestinians pose behind kites before trying to fly them over the border fence with israel,. Poll: 62% of palestinians hold pa, israel responsible for gaza crises. . An israeli army tank fires towards the gaza strip (file). Summary of the chemical characteristics of representative wells in gaza strip.. The un security council is expected to hold an emergency meeting over the next 24 hours to address the violent clashes, riyad mansour, permanent observer of …. Location of the gaza strip (left) and mesh of the study area with the. . Israel to build underground barrier around gaza strip. Palestinians bury 7 killed in latest flare-up in gaza strip. Almost 6,000 palestinians have been wounded since march by israeli army’s use of live ammunition during protests in gaza strip. Image: an israeli sapper checks a house after it was hit by a rocket fired. Gaza strip: palestinian infighting opens door for jihadists | thetrumpet.com. Both sides to blame for violence in gaza. A kite flies over the border in an area where kites and balloons have caused blazes. At least 7 killed as palestinians, israelis clash on gaza border. Gaza economic protests expose cracks in hamas’s rule.